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The PJCC Board of Directors

A Commitment To Life

The mission of the Peninsula Jewish Community Center is to build a caring and connected community, develop leadership, and strengthen Jewish identity and values in a center with an environment that is welcoming to all people at every stage of life.

The PJCC is fortunate to have so many dedicated individuals working together to make our mission a reality. We are especially grateful for the commitment and leadership of our officers and board members.

PJCC Board of Directors

From left to right: Deborah Pinsky, Jeffrey Peachin, Paula Meier, Michael Berman, Sandeep Goel, Yash Snider, Cindy Strause, Rabbi Marvin Goodman, Sheila Lederer, Scott Maltz, Lisa Wachtell, Audra Greenspan, Alex Anderman, Christy Jeck, Daniel Feitelberg, and Peter Pollat, MD. 

Not pictured: Debbie Goren, Erin Lager, Linda Oberstein, MD, Kathy Reich, Neil Rubin, Anne Culiner Sipes, Wendy Verba, David Weinstein, Jodi Zweibach.

As of July 1, 2014



Kathy Reich

Vice Presidents

  • Christy Jeck
    David Weinstein
  • Jodi Zwiebach


  • Sheila Lederer


    Erin Lager

Immediate Past President

Michael Berman

Executive Director

  • Deborah Pinsky

Board of Directors

  • Alex Anderman
  • Connie Chen
  • Stan Feinberg
  • Daniel Feitelberg
  • Sandeep Goel
  • Debbie Goren
  • Lynda Graham-Helwig
  • Audra Greenspan
  • Lisa Mendell
  • Paula Meier
  • Erin Lager
    Paula Meier
    Cindy Panchula
  • Peter Pollat, MD
  • Neal Rubin
  • Ellen Saliman
    Wendy Verba

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The PJCC is a non-profit organization that relies upon generous donations to continue serving our community and those in need. A beneficiary agency of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties and the Jewish Community Endowment Fund. The PJCC is a proud member of the North Peninsula Jewish Campus and of the JCC Association of North America.

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