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24, Kislev 5778

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The PJCC has incorporated Discover CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Childhood Health) not only within the Preschool but also in Camp Keff, Kids Fitness classes and the Treehouse after school program.

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Sign your child up for good times with friends, learning, and fun!

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons for all ages are available year-round at the PJCC.

Parent Tip Sheets | Discover CATCH | Early Childhood Fitness & Nutrition Program


Parent Tip Sheets

Here are some Parent Tip Sheets based on the Discover CATCH program. Get ideas for incorporating more activity and better nutrition into your child's life!

Check here monthly for new tips.

Make Veggies Fun

Find ways to make vegetables more appetizing to your kids.

Download the PDF

The Truth About Juice

Natural doesn't necessarily mean "no sugar".

Download the PDF


Whoa Foods!

Cut down the Whoa foods and eat more Go foods.

Download the PDF


Vending Machine Tips

Find out the Do's and Don'ts of vending machine food.

Download the PDF

Nutrition Labels

Find out how to read food labels.

Download PDF


Fruit is nourishing for the body and delicious to eat!

Download the PDF



Food and Your Family

How do you handle dinners at home?

Download the PDF

Family Style Dining

Learn some ways to promote healthy habits at the family style dining table.

Download the PDF


Tasty & Healthy Smoothies

They might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a smoothie
ingredient but smoothies are a great way to get your child necessary nutrients from the veggies they refuse to eat.
Download the PDF


Eating Out: "TakiNg an Inside Look at Nutrition"

Eating out can pose some major obstacles when it comes to eating healthy. Here are a couple of suggestions of how to lower the calorie count.
Download the PDF


Super Greens

Trying adding more of these greens that have powerful antioxidants and are high in vitamins.

Download the PDF


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