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24, Kislev 5778

Evolution Cycle

Welcome to Evolution Cycle at the PJCC. Where Shift Happens.

Experience an exhilarating aerobic/anaerobic interval-training workout guaranteed to get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and mind racing. Just one session of indoor cycling results in a full-body workout that challenges both body and mind. Ride to the rhythm of the music with workouts that are synced so resistance matches the beat.

You will leave energized. Motivated. Empowered. This is your new reality at Evolution Cycle, where shift happens.

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Why is Indoor Cycling the Perfect Workout?

  • All ages and fitness levels can participate because you control your own ride, maintaining full control of tension and speed at all times.
  • It's a non-impact activity that causes less stress on the knees, hips, and ankles.
  • It's the ideal workout for those recovering from an injury or just looking for an alternative to running.
  • It offers an aerobic and anaerobic cardiovascular workout, strengthening the heart lowering your resting heart rate.
  • It's a calorie-burning workout averaging 400-800 calories per session.
  • Advanced heart rate technology maximizes your performance.

What is Heart Rate Technology, and Why is it Beneficial?

With our new heart rate technology, a student can choose to wear a heart rate monitor to assist them in getting feedback about their workout. These monitors pick up the electrical activity of the heart; they have a microprocessor that monitors and calculates the heart rate. The signal is then sent to an ANT+ receiver and their heart rate will show up on a large TV screen suspended above the instructor.

Members can opt in or out of having their heart rate displayed, but there are benefits to wearing a heart rate monitor:

  • Heart rate is a reliable way of telling how hard you are working.
  • With this reading you can tell if you are overworking, not working hard enough or if you are overtraining.
  • Your reading can motivate to work as hard as your last workout, or maybe even as hard as your neighbor!

The Rides

We offer a variety of classes designed to suit your style and speed. Get started: Register for a class and and reserve your cycle today!

This invigorating, heart pumping class uses heart rate technology to push you to new heights! Individual heart rate straps allow you to view your real-time data, which instructors use to challenge you to reach your full potential. Performance data is stored on each rider's MindBody account so you can view and compare your performances, past and present. Not sure the heart rate tracking is for you? Riders can opt out and enjoy just as hard a ride without the data. If you like tracking your performance and watching your fitness level evolve, come sweat with us—this class is for you!

This calorie-burning, non-impact ride uses invigorating music to motivate and guide riders through a series of sprints, valleys, and hills. Intensity varies and each instructor designs their class in a unique way to help you reach your full potential. Riders are always welcome to further customize their workout by adjusting their pace or resistance on the bike. In one hour, you will torch between 400–800 calories and leave class feeling energized and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Pressed for time? This 30-minute class is a compact version of the EvoRide (see above). Same energy and calorie-busting workout in half the time!

New to indoor cycling? Don't spin your wheels trying to figure out everything on your own. Join us for this friendly session that will teach new riders how to set up your bike, read the monitors, and utilize every feature of your bike so you can challenge yourself to reach new goals. This engaging 30-minute class will leave you gearing up for more!

EvoRhythm Ride
Experience an invigorating ride set to high-energy music that will motivate you to pump longer, harder, and faster! Sync your workout to the rhythmic beat and get ready to torch calories, be challenged, and feel the burn.

EvoHoliday Ride
These special 30-, 60-, 75- or 90- minute classes combine the very best of indoor cycling. Enjoy your favorite workouts, including hard core climbs, sprints, and drills, all packaged as calorie-crushing workouts to counteract rich holiday meals!

Evolution Cycle at the PJCC

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