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24, Kislev 5778

Meet the Evolution Cycle Team

Evolution Cycle - Jean RiesJEAN RIES

Fitness has played a critical role in Jean's life, starting with dancing at age six and taking classes with her mom at the gym. In college, Jean taught step aerobics as her on-campus job, then shifted to distance running, completing dozens of half marathons and four full marathons, including Boston.

A New York City native, Jean moved to San Diego and danced back up for a local band, Atomic Groove, where she discovered the synergy between music and dancing. As an avid indoor cycle student she was recruited to start teaching.

Jean's classes motivate, challenge, and inspire students while leading a "dance party" on the bike. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, outdoor activities, and supporting the performing arts.

Evolution Cycle - Cassidy CantonCassidy Canton

Cassidy comes to the PJCC from sunny San Diego. She loves to sweat, which is probably why she has been an avid indoor cyclist for over a decade. Cassidy designs her structured workouts to encourage beginners and challenge conditioned athletes. Her love of music keeps her playlists fun, fresh and inspiring. Outside of class, Cassidy loves spending time with her husband and son.

"It is about making yourself a little bit better each day," she says. "It's about challenging yourself and finding the best version of you."

Evolution Cycle - Jory SteinJory Stein

Jory Stein has been a road cyclist since 2000 and currently rides between 4,000-5,000 miles on his road bike every year. He is a former CAT 4 road racer and though he isn't currently racing, he is active in the Peninsula Velo Cycling Club.

Jory is one of the PJCC's original indoor cycling class instructors, teaching at the Center since 2004.That means over the past 12 years, he's led well over 3,000 indoor cycling classes on the Peninsula!

Not only is Jory a certified Spin Instructor, but he's also certified as a group fitness instructor by the American Council on Exercise. Jory is passionate about road cycling. He likes to incorporate predominantly classic rock music mixes to help bring about the energy, feel and flow of an outdoor road ride into his indoor classes.

Evolution Cycle - Courtney SmithCourtney Smith

Courtney has been a certified group exercise instructor since 2009 but her love of fitness started a long time before that. She has been a competitive triathlete since 2007 and played sports, swam, and ran for as long as she can remember. Her passion for indoor cycling stems from her love for outdoor cycling. When not on the bike she can be found managing the PJCC's Aquatics department, spending quality time with her husband and one-year old son, and outside riding or running.

"I am inspired each and every day I show up to teach and see people working hard," she says. "I love to see people work harder than they thought they could and see them achieve goals. I consider it a privilege to be able to play a part their health and wellness!"

Evolution Cycle - Scott StrochakScott Strochak

Scott started taking indoor cycling classes in 2007 as a way of keeping in shape for the outdoor cycling season. After struggling to take classes with music he didn't like, he decided to get certified and focus on teaching a workout that is challenging, but entertaining enough not to feel like exercise. He became a certified Spin instructor in 2009 and today combines good music and a silly sense of humor to make his classes fun and effective.

When not teaching, Scott is busy with two eight-year olds, a 14-month old, and his wife, Julie, who is currently pregnant with baby number 4!

"The cycling studio is probably the only place in the world where almost everyone listens to me," he laughs. "I'm inspired by people who set goals and then work hard to achieve them. I love watching people get results!"

Evolution Cycle - Tina BelluominiTina Belluomini

A Bay Area native, Tina has taught Yoga and Fitness classes for more than 19 years, inspiring people to be active and healthy. She has multiple certifications, including Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Personal Training, and Group Exercise. Currently, she's earning her Balanced Body Pilates certification. When not on the bike you can find her leading yoga retreats around the world, taking yoga classes, running, or spending time with her fiancé and two daughters.

Tina brings her extensive fitness background into each class. She knows hard work pays off and helps her students reach new heights by taking their workouts farther than they ever thought possible.

Evolution Cycle - Erin Greene

Erin Greene

A California native, Erin first hopped on an indoor cycle bike a few years ago and never got off! After earning her B.A. at Chapman University (Southern California) and following that with a teaching credential, she started working in Human Resources. Today she applies her varied people skills to connect with riders by pushing them to challenge themselves with every class.

Erin's love of music and movement motivates riders to pump harder, cycle longer, and reach new riding goals.

Evolution Cycle - Megan StormsMegan Storms

An avid triathlete, long-distance runner, and outdoor cyclist, Megan was a PJCC member for many years; that is, until she was plucked out of the class and coached by the cycle team to become an instructor for her own classes. There has been no stopping her since, as she now teaches cycling—as well as athletic conditioning and TRX—around the Peninsula.

“I love teaching because in the studio everyone is an athlete. We all come together, work hard and inspire each other to push even a little bit harder. I strive for my class to be challenging and fun so they can improve on their rides outside and their overall fitness.”

When not instructing classes, Megan can be seen running on local trails or hanging out with her family and dog.

Evolution Cycle at the PJCC

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