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4, Kislev 5778

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Spa Appointment

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Bay Area Parent Awards PJCCThe PJCC received the Gold Medal for "Best Spa" in Bay Area Parent Magazine's annual “Best of the Best” Awards!


Information on cancellations, payment and pre-spa preparation.


New prices effective July 1, 2017

30-minute...$53/Member • $64/Public
60-minute...$79/Member • $94/Public
90-minute...$104/Member • $120/Public


5-Packs • 60-minute Sessions
Available to Members only.

5-Packs • 90-minute Sessions
Available to Members only.


karen pinckardKaren Pinckard

Massage Therapist


Deep Tissue
Cranio Sacral
Prenatal Massage
Lymphatic Drainage
Emotional Balancing

Anita sharmaAnita Sharma

Massage Therapist


Cranio Sacral
Chakra Unwinding
Myofascial Release/Trigger Point

Jim Whitehead PJCCJim Whitehead

Massage Therapist



• Swedish
• Deep Tissue
• Acupressure
• Shiatsu
• Energy Work
• Longitudinal Release
• Specialized Stretching

massage therapistBarbara Zaller

Massage Therapist


• Deep Tissue
• Swedish
• Sports
• Neuromuscular Therapy
• Pre-Natal


San Francisco School of Bodywork and Massage; Relieving Low Back Pain (Morales Method) ; Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) Level I ; AS, Biological Sciences, Mission College

As a massage therapist with a background in rehabilitation, I have knowledge that can provide lasting results to alleviate discomfort due to muscle imbalances, chronic tension, and other conditions.



Please contact the Welcome Center to schedule your Spa appointment:

  • 650.378.2703

Massage | Spa Services | PJCC

The PJCC offers a variety of massage choices including Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, prenatal, acupressure, Thai, and shiatsu.

Make your appointment online with our MINDBODY scheduling tool!

Swedish | Sports | Deep Tissue | Reflexology | Myofascial Release | Prenatal | Lymphatic Drainage | Cranio–Sacral | Acupressure | Shiatsu | Thai | Healing Touch | Reiki | Trigger Point


Uses firm but gentle pressure to improve circulation and help you relax while easing muscle aches, relieving tension and improving flexibility. This massage is the foundation for other types of Western massage.


One of the best ways to release muscle tension, which, if left untreated, can lead to stresses on joints, ligaments and tendons. The therapist will be able to detect this tension and help you prevent future injury.

Deep Tissue

Targets the deeper tissue structures of the muscle. Using many of the same techniques as a Swedish massage, the pressure is more intense and focused as the therapist works to release chronic muscle tension or knots.


Reflexology uses a system of direct, applied pressure to specific points in the hands and feet in order to manipulate and strengthen corresponding reflex areas in the body.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release incorporates a combination of long strokes, gentle traction, pressure, positioning and stretching to rebalance the body and relieve and release tension held in the muscles and the fascia.


Prenatal massage relieves the stresses that can result from the physical and mental changes that occur during pregnancy; specifically, aching of the back, neck, hips, legs and weight–bearing joints. Postpartum massage helps restore the body to pre-pregnancy condition and nurtures the new mom.

Lymphatic Drainage

A delicate form of massage that stimulates your body’s lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, helping the body to eliminate waste and toxins and providing a boost to the immune system.

Cranial Sacral Massage

A gentle, hands-on manipulation of the bones, skull, spine, pelvis and soft tissues. The objective is to clear any blockages of cerebrospinal fluids and allow the fluids to flow more smoothly and naturally throughout your body.


Stimulates the acupressure points in your head, neck, shoulders, spine and lower back. It improves the flow of energy throughout your body and balance and strengthens the body’s muscular, circulatory and nervous systems.


Uses light pressure to balance the life-energy that flows through specific pathways in your body. This massage is normally done fully clothed and involves pressing points on the body, and stretching and opening of the energy pathways. Wear loose clothing.


Uses the therapist's body weight to compress and stretch the muscular-skeletal system on a firm mat on the floor. This dynamic stretching system creates energy, releasing blockages and promotes relaxation. Wear loose clothing.

Healing Touch

A relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that works with your energy field to support healing. This therapy is recommended to support cancer care.


Reiki is a hands-on energy healing art. By accessing the body’s life force (ki or chi) the practitioner strengthens the harmonic flow within the client thus bringing balance/healing.

Trigger Point

This treatment consists of trigger point compressions, myomassage, and passive stretching.


Foot Treatments • $30 each/ $45 both

  • Foot Scrub • A gentle exfoliation followed by moisturizers to rehydrate and sooth tired feet.
  • Foot Wrap • Detoxifies, moisturized and softens the feet.
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