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4, Kislev 5778

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Describe your personal training style?



What makes you unique as a trainer?






  • B.S. Kinesiology – Exercise and Fitness Specialist
  • NSCA (National
    Strength and Conditioning Association) Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE (American Council on Fitness) Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Certified Infant, Child, Adult CPR and AED
  • Emergency Medical
  • A.A. Sociology


  • 20+ Years Martial Arts Experience and Instruction
  • 4th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
  • Capoeira
  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Judo
  • Kung-Fu
  • Muy Thai
  • Boxing/Kickboxing
  • Practical Self-Defense including knife and stick
  • Stress Management
  • Motivation
  • Body Composition Improvement


Sign up for personal training sessions alone or as part of a small group. We offer many options to suit your needs.

For More Information

To find out more about personal training with Chris Luera, call 408.205.7680 or email



Personal Trainer - Chris Luera

Get to know Chris by reading client testimonials, his biography and by viewing videos of Chris discussing his training style and philosophy.


Read what Chris's clients say about him:

"Chris is so well informed.  He clearly knows the body.  He can help you isolated muscle groups and correct and then maintain good posture.  Also, he mixes up the training to keep it interesting.  He isn’t afraid to introduce challenge into the program.  Chris takes exercise and health and his job very seriously and that helps his clients to want to do the same.  I have worked with other trainers and I didn’t feel like I was encouraged to really push the envelope.  When I requested to work with Chris I knew I was going to get the maximum out of our sessions.  I am grateful that he is a part of the PJCC team". – Robin F.

"Every class Chris finds the way to challenge (and push) his students.  Love his optimisms, attitude towards live, ability to make exercising efficient and not boring.  Motivates me and keeps me going". – Marina S.

"During the past few years, due to age and some falls while bicycling, I found that my balance was not as good as it had been and that I seemed to have increased anxiety when I cycled.  I decided to work on developing my balance in the hopes that it would also increase my confidence on the bike.  Chris was the first person I spoke to about my problems.  I could tell from the beginning that he was an active listener and understood my situation completely.  I signed up for 5 half hour sessions to work on improving my balance especially as it related to cycling.  I made the perfect choice.  Chris is extremely supportive and non-judgmental.  I’ve had three sessions with him over the past three weeks.  I can’t believe the change I have experienced thanks to his training.  He understood that I needed a combination of training and increased self confidence.  He works me hard and I feel exhilarated after each session.  I always feel comfortable with him and the exercises he has given me has increased my bakance significantly, even in this short period of time.  I feel very fortunate". – Joni J.

"I enjoy both the “personal” and “training” elements of working with Chris.  He tailors my workouts to my personal interests, whether it’s kick boxing or general conditioning.  Chris makes training fun yet challenging and he seems to know how far to push me.  Each session has an interesting variety of exercises, so I feel I get a complete workout every time and that different muscle groups are being addressed". – Janice C.

"First off, Chris is fun, but creative in his workouts and makes you “not want to give up”.  He is motivating enough to get you to levels that you never thought you could achieve, all while making sure your technique and your goals are met.  He listens to you and adapts his workouts if necessary.  I learned so much from Chris with classes, individual personal training and group Cardio Kickboxing.  Eventually, I had a career change and chose personal training.  Chris continues to encourage me even though we do not train anymore.  My whole family (husband and daughter) have trained with Chris.  I was extremely happy with the goals I was able to achieve". – Debbie L.

"There is something about Chris’ enthusiasm that just makes me want to keep going, even on the days that I am on my own!  In order to reach my goals, I will have quite a lot of hard work ahead of me and by working with a trainer like Chris, it all feels that much more attainable.  Every workout is customized to target desired areas of improvement and there are always new and innovative exercises to learn.  He is clearly very knowledgeable and dedicated to helping others stay inspired with his positive attitude towards health and fitness". – Tina B.

"Chris is patient, encouraging, andmakesyou sweat! I've learned that through pushing myself. I can do things I thoughtwere not possible and actuallyenjoy them. I've become firmer, have more stamina andfeel so much better about myself. Chris makes it so much easier to feel comfortable, while taking an extra effort to insure that you do the exercises properlyto get the maximum benefit from them. Chris you rock!!!" -- Maryann C

Get to Know Chris

“I’ve been involved in the field of health and fitness for about 25 years. When I was 11 years old I earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do and by the age of 30 had my 4th degree black belt.  This martial art provided the discipline, focus and mental and physical strength needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It was because of Tae Kwon Do and positive role models that I became a successful group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Each offers unique benefits and combined, they provide the perfect environment for the perfect career.

In 2005 I joined the PJCC as a group fitness instructor. My challenging, fun-filled workouts leave people with a sense of accomplishment. Because of the popularity of my classes, people began inquiring about personal training. I eagerly embraced the idea since personal training allows me to share my knowledge on a more intimate basis.

My clients are as diverse as each of their customized workouts. Everyone has a different level of fitness training, but all receive the same amount of care and attention, and get exactly what they need and want. I do my best to tap into each client’s personality and learn what makes them tick. I try to get to know them so that I can help them overcome their challenges. Even the most confident, fit or athletic client has room for improvement in an area that might present a challenge that hinders their performance and blocks their potential. I take pride in helping people build or regain their self-confidence. I believe in each person even if, at first, they don’t believe in themselves.

It’s my job to make sure my clients feel great when they leave our session. The one hour they spend with me could be the only time that day that they have for themselves. If I can make just one person feel better, then I’ve done my job. This is the most rewarding aspect of my career. Teaching is my passion and my philosophy is to positively affect how people feel about themselves. I achieve this by providing a fun, effective, motivating workout that leaves them feeling exhilarated, confident, and coming back for more."


To book your appointment, please contact:

Chris Luera

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