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4, Kislev 5778

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Health & Wellness

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Stay Fit For Life

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wieght lossWEIGHT LOSS 

A new holistic approach to food!

Shed those extra pounds with this motivating, holistic eight-week program that will reset old habits into healthy new ones. 


Wellness Your Way Information | Wellness | PJCC

wellness your way information

What is 'Wellness Your Way'?

Welcome to the PJCC’s 'wellness your way', an integrated approach to help youth and adults of all ages experience greater well-being. wellness your way helps you identify your own, unique personal wellness formula™ and create a plan to put that formula to work in your life.

When we say “wellness formula”, we mean the activities you do on a regular basis that contribute positively to: your health, emotional resilience, energy to be active, ability to heal and to prevent injury and disease, joy, nurturing relationships, cultural and spiritual fulfillment.

Your personal wellness formula serves your whole life, and it is unique to you. Your formula includes Nourish, Move and Engage activities that are the building blocks of a life well-lived.

For example, your formula for living your best life may include aqua exercise, mindfulness meditation, bridge games with your friends, art appreciation, yoga, and a plant-based diet.

Or you may thrive on personal training, TRX, Family Gym on Sunday with your kids, and Jewish holiday celebrations shared with PJCC friends and family.

Whatever your personal wellness formula, we’ve got the right mix for a balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Elements of Wellness


Nourish your body and mind with wholesome foods and spa services that promote: healing; disease prevention; physical strength; energy; improved sleep, concentration and cognition; and stress relief.


Move your body for greater: physical strength; flexibility; stamina and cardiovascular capacity; disease prevention; physical balance; energy; emotional resilience; improved sleep, concentration, and cognition; healing; and stress relief.


Engage your mind and spirit for greater: happiness; satisfaction; fulfillment; cultural, intellectual, and spiritual understanding; healing; stress relief; emotional resilience; community connection; and meaningful relationships.

What Is Your Personal Wellness Formula™?

Your Wellness Formula is your own combination of activities that let you experience an over-all feeling of well being.

Create your own Wellness Formula with this Wellness Inventory.

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