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1, Kislev 5778

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Need a Healthy Recipe?

Try these recipes for your delicious, fresh produce.



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Great recipes, health tips, interviews, personal stories, and more.


personal training pjccCertified personal trainers are available for private and semi–private training sessions. They will work with you to create a personal training package promoting long–term results.

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Wellness Your Way - Resources

wellness your way formula

Resources to Help Create Your
Personal Wellness Formula™

Your Personal Wellness Formula™

What does Wellness mean for you? What activities help you experience an overall feeling of well-being?

Your formula for living your best life may include:
Lap swimming, Zumba, mindfulness meditation, world jazz music, a plant-based diet, preparing new recipes with your partner on Wednesday nights.

Or you may thrive on:
TRX, Pilates reformer, long runs on Saturday near your home, book & wine club, Family Gym with your kids on Sunday, produce from the farmers market and avoiding red meat and pork, spy novels, Jewish holiday celebrations shared with family.

Spend a few minutes and really think about wellness your way.
What’s working for you that deserves to be celebrated? What is ready for a tune up?


  • What foods nourish you? How often do you eat them?
  • What’s the overall quality of the food you eat?
  • Are you happy with your relationship with food?
  • What might you like to change or heal?
  • Do you incorporate spa services into your wellness formula?
  • How might regular massage serve your body, mind, and spirit?
  • What is one Nourish commitment you can make today and stick with for the next 10 days?


  • How much moving are you doing weekly?
  • What activities make you feel euphoric?
  • What activities are physically effective but numb your spirit and sedate your mind?
  • What have you wanted to do/try and haven’t found the time/opportunity?
  • What is one Move commitment you can make today and stick with for the next 10 days?


  • Are you fulfilled by the state of your relationships?
  • Do you make life-long learning a priority?
  • Do you have a spiritual practice? Does it nurture your life?
  • Do you feel connected to your culture(s)/and the culture(s) of your family?
  • Does art, music, literature, theater, dance receive attention in your life?
  • Do you take time to focus on deep questions and test what is true for you?
  • What is one Engage commitment you can make today and stick with for the next 10 days?

Choose one person you trust as your accountability partner – share with that person your one or more commitments for the next 10 days.

What are the consequences if you keep your commitment(s) to yourself?

What are the consequences if you betray those commitment(s)?

How can your accountability partner help you be successful? (please make this meaningful – don’t phone it in!)

Download the Personal Wellness Inventory Sheet on PDF

Download a special worksheet to help you set goals for the holiday season.

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