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23, Kislev 5778

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Tips for swimming with young children

Before you hit the pool with your youngster consider these helpful tips:

  1. Take children to the bathroom before swimming and every hour after.
  2. Put on sunscreen in advance so that it has time to soak into the skin and won't wash off in the pool.
  3. Have your chld wear water shoes if they will be in the water for long periods of time.

Lap Pool Etiquette

When swimming in our lap pool, please refer to these general rules.

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Current Pool Temperatures

  • Indoor Lap Pool: 87-89º F
  • Indoor Whirlpool: 103-105º F
  • Outdoor Lap Pool: 80-83º F
  • Outdoor Kiddie Pool: 87-89º F

Contact Information

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Pools | Open Swim | PJCC

Come swim in our large olympic sized outdoor or indoor pool. We even have a kiddie pool for the little ones.

Open Swim PJCC

Relax your stress away, just tread water or have as much fun as you want. Just be sure to observe our reasonable pool rules first.

Pool Rules

Swim is designed to provide a safe, fun environment for members and their guests to enjoy the pool together.

  1. Children 6 years and younger, or any child not able to fully swim on their own, must be accompanied in the water at all times by an adult or member over 16 years old.
  2. Children 7 - 12 may swim by themselves, but a parent MUST be in the facility. Lifeguards may use discretion in the enforcement of this rule. The parent may be asked to remain with a child who is a poor swimmer no matter what their age.
  3. No diving. Both pools are too shallow to dive safely.
  4. No rough housing or horse play.
  5. Bathing suits are required. Please no bathing suits with built-in floatation. These suits give a false sense of security while in the water. No street clothes, cut-offs or regular diapers allowed.
  6. Children 3 & under or children not fully potty-trained must wear nylon swim diapers. These diapers are reusable and washable and may be found in most stores or purchased at the BAC desk. Huggies disposable swim diapers have a tendency to leak and are not permitted.
  7. Some toys, floatation devices and equipment may be allowed during open swim. This rule is up to the discretion of the lifeguard based on the number of participants in the pool.
  8. Due to health and safety concerns please do not bring in any toys from home.
  9. Swim lesson teaching equipment use is not permitted during open swim times.
  10. Kickboards may be used during open swim but no sitting on, or standing on, kickboards.

Pool Schedules

Check our pool schedules for indoor and outdoor open swimming times.

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