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28, Tishri 5778

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The PJCC is proud to be supported by

The Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood.

Koret Foundation

The PJCC is proud to be a part of the Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood, co-funded by the Koret Foundation and Taube Foundation for Jewish Life and Culture. Through this initiative, we present programs and celebrations that bring community together, travel and education programs that build connections to Israel and the heritage of the Diaspora communities, innovative classes and participatory experiences that elevate Jewish literacy and invigorate Jewish practice. The PJCC believes that the ongoing vitality of the Jewish people lies in the richness of its communal life, the vibrancy and diversity of its cultural and spiritual expression, and the shared experiences that inspire a sense of connectedness to Jews everywhere and in every generation.

Funded primarily by the Koret Foundation and the Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture. Funded in part by Peninsula Jewish Community Center, Peninsula Temple Beth El, Peninsula Temple Sholom, Peninsula Sinai Congregation, Congregation Beth Jacob, Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School, and the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties.

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Jewish Programs

Jewish Studies | Scholar-in-Residence

The North Peninsula Jewish community presents

Professor Reuven Firestone

January 19–January 30, 2017


Now more than ever, it is important to learn about Islam, build bridges, and cultivate understanding.
The North Peninsula Jewish Community welcomes Professor Reuven Firestone, a renowned expert on Islam, its beliefs, principles, and history.

Professor Reuven Firestone is Regenstein Professor in Medieval Judaism and Islam at the Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles, and is co-director of the Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement, a joint program of the Hebrew Union College, the Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation and the Center for Religion and Civic Culture at the University of Southern California. He is the acclaimed author of JIHAD: The Origin of Holy War in Islam among many other books.

Upcoming Lectures

All lectures are free; pre-registration required where noted.

The Five Pillars of Islam
Thursday, January 19 • 7:00 pm
Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School, Ulam Gadol
Education cultivates understanding and respect. Learn about the fundamental beliefs and principles of Islam, and their relationship to Judaism. This PJCC program requires pre-registration.

One Holy Land, Two or Three Holy Peoples?
Friday, January 20 •  6:30 pm service, 7:45 pm lecture
Peninsula Temple Beth El
Three faiths and one controversial piece of land measuring a mere 8,019 square miles. Explore the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish connections to the “Holy Land” and their impact on the current conflict.

Islam in America
Saturday, January 21 • 10:00 am service, 11:30 am lecture
Congregation Beth Jacob
Explore the rich and complicated history of Muslims in America from colonial times through the Black Muslims and the “new” Muslims of today.

Islam and Democracy
Monday, January 23 • 10:30 am
Congregation Beth Jacob
Are Islam and democracy compatible and accommodating? Or, as media headlines would lead us to believe, are they hostile and antagonistic? Learn how, perhaps, they are a little of both.

Islam and the “Arab Spring”
Monday, January 23 • 2:00 pm
Peninsula Jewish Community Center
What were the causes of the Arab Spring from 2011, how did it evolve, and what were its consequences? Most importantly, what are the current implications of this historical revolt? This PJCC program requires pre-registration.

Jihad and the Jews
Tuesday, January 24 • 7:00 pm
Peninsula Temple Beth El
With “radical Islam” gaining strength and momentum, is peace really possible?

The “Jewish Muhammad”
Wednesday, January 25 • 2:00 pm
Peninsula Jewish Community Center
Learn authentic ancient stories from the Jewish community about Muhammad, his prophethood, and the Qur’an. This PJCC program requires pre-registration.

Antisemitism and Islamophobia
Wednesday, January 25 • 7:00 pm
Peninsula Temple Sholom
What are the origins and history of these two hateful movements and what is the relationship between the two?

Jewish-Muslim Relations: A Historical Perspective
Thursday, January 26 • 7:00 pm
Ronald C. Wornick Jewish Day School
Did Islam always persecute the Jews? Was there a “golden age” when the two faiths lived side by side in peace? Learn how the answer depends on who is asking the question and why.

If There is Only One God, Why are There So Many Monotheisms?
Friday, January 27 •  6:00 pm service, 7:00 pm lecture
Peninsula Temple Sholom
Monotheism literally means "the belief in only one God.” Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the three major monotheistic religions and originated in what is known today as the Middle East. Explore how monotheistic religions developed and the relationship between them both historically and today.

Abraham: The First Jew, Christian or Muslim?
Saturday, January 28 • 7:30 pm Havdallah; 7:45 lecture
Peninsula Sinai Congregation
Learn how the three monotheistic religions imagine and understand Abraham, considered the first Patriarch. Study his prominent role as an example of faith in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Who are the “Real” Chosen People?
Sunday, January 29 • 10:30 am
Peninsula Sinai Congregation
Throughout history, various faiths have referred to themselves as the “Chosen People” by a deity and believe they are to behave on earth according to the rules of that deity.  What does it mean to be “chosen” in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?


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Congregation Beth Jacob
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