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Jeannie Solomon pjcc nutritionistNutrition Counselling

Jeannie Solomon is a certified nutrition and wellness coach who focuses on holistic nutrition and whole-body wellness, providing the guidance needed to pursue healthy, nutritious lifestyles.  Available by appointment.

Thursdays • FREE
1:30 - 2:30 pm
Reduce stress and improve your emotional well-being.

The Best in Cinema: Monday at the Movies

Catch rare and interesting movies at the PJCC.

book clubJewish Book Club

Join our group that explores a different book each month.



Do you have any questions about any classes, events or gatherings? If so, please contact one of the following representatives.

Adult & Older Adults Programs

Classes & Workshops for Adults | PJCC

watercolor classes

classes and workshops every month for all ages and interests.

Jewish Life Classes

Want to learn Hebrew? Increase your Yiddish vocabulary? Check out some of our Jewish education classes.

weight lossWeight Loss Your Way

Reset your habits in this motivating NEW 8 week program. Understand how to finally lose those extra pounds using a holistic and big picture approach. 

For more information contact Jeannie Solomon, PJCC Nutrition & Wellness Coach, at 650.378.2722.

Add Health -Not Grease- to Your Hanukkah Menu

Take three Jewish holidays steeped with tradition, add a cup full of education and nutrition, and you get holiday recipes that will leave you feeling healthy and satisfied without any Jewish guilt! Join Certified Chef and Wellness Coach Jeannie Solomon as she explores the healthier side of Hanukkah foods. Set aside your flask of oil and the notion that Chanukah foods must be glistening with grease. Learn how a little oil goes a long way when it comes to fulfilling the holiday's tradition while staying true to your health.

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Beginning Watercolors

Experience the fun and excitement in painting with watercolors. This class will focus on learning basic watercolor techniques such as washes, gradation, color mixing and blending. There will also be strong emphasis on design and composition of subject matter. Students will learn how to draw a pencil layout with accuracy and balance. During the classes, the instructor will give step-by-step demonstrations. Supplies provided for first class; instructor will then provide a supplies list. You can either bring your own, or use provided supplies for an additional materials fee ($7 per class, $35 for series). Instructor: Shirley Lim has been a watercolor artist since her teenage years. She worked as a graphic designer in New York, Toronto and San Francisco for over 15 years before becoming a watercolor painting instructor for children and adults in early 2009. For more information, visit her website at: Registration Required.

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Learn the current basics of bridge with an emphasis on bidding and play of the hand.

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Bridge: Supervised Play

Supervised play for all levels of bridge. No instruction provided but our expert bridge teacher is present for consultation on all hands. Instructor: Sandy Dennison is an experienced teacher who has taught the game privately and at local community centers since 1990. Registration required.

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Caring For Those You Care About

Being an Effective Healthcare Advocate for Yourself and Others - Do you need help making sense of the healthcare system? Learn how to assess and prioritize needs, how to effectively communicate with the healthcare system, and how to create a meaningful healthcare directive. Speakers: Redwing Keyssar, RN, BA Director of Palliative Care for Seniors At Home; and Gwen Harris, MA, CMC, FT Care Manager for Seniors At Home.This workshop is offered in partnership with Seniors At Home, a division of Jewish Family and Children's Services of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties. Registration required.

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Chinese Brush Painting 101

Discover your artistic talent and explore a new medium! In this 8-week series, learn about the similarities and differences between Chinese brush painting and Western painting. Learn about Chinese painting materials, how to load brushes with ink and colors, and how to create different brush strokes and ink values. Step-by-step demonstrations will guide you to create a successful piece of art. Suitable for beginners or intermediate students. A $15 material fee is payable to the instructor for paper. Materials list will be provided for additional supplies. Instructor: Marina Wang grew up in China and received her Chinese Brush Painting training there. She is now a teaching artist in the Bay Area, mainly teaching Chinese Brush Painting to adults and children at museums, schools and community centers.

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Create Mix & Mingle Paint Night for Adults

Create your own masterpiece painting! An art instructor will guide you step by step to create a featured painting. You will leave with a one-of-a-kind work of art that you'll be proud to display in your home! Price includes one glass of wine. Participants must be ages 21 and up. Registration required. Instructor: Create Mix & Mingle Staff

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Eating Mindfully During the Holiday Season

At most holiday celebrations, food is abundant. Learn to transform you relationship with food using mindfulness as an approach. Whether you have issues with food/weight or just want to have a more healthy, satisfying and pleasurable experience with eating, this presentation will help you enjoy the holiday season with greater balance. Julie Forbes, Ph.D. is professionally trained in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and currently teaches stress reduction program with Kaiser Permanente. This event, presented free of charge in partnership with Kaiser Permanente, is open to the entire community. Pre-registration is required; earn 150 JCC Rewards points for pre-registering and attending. Call either the PJCC at 650.212.7522 or Agnes Arzadon, MPH, at Kaiser Permanente, 650.299.4950.

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Expanding Your Photographic Skills: Photography as Art

In this four-session course, experienced members of the Peninsula Camera Club will take you beyond the basics to both challenge and assist your creative use of the photographic medium. Open to people of all ages who would like to expand their photographic horizons. Familiarity with basic camera operations a requirement. Registration required. PCC members please call 650.378.2703 to reserve your spot.

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Family Walk at Hidden Villa: Torah and the Trees

Meet new friends, experience nature through a Jewish lens, and enjoy time with your family! Join Deborah Newbrun, a noted Jewish environmental educator and former Summer Camp Director, at Hidden Villa for a 1.25 hike on the Short Bunny Loop. Why is the Torah called the Tree of Life? Explore that question while learning about trees and playing games in the forest. Walk through the woods and beside a creek, and have fun celebrating all trees have to offer us.
This hike is good for children who can walk for an hour. Suggested ages: 5-9 years. Small children in backpack carriers are welcome. Pack a picnic lunch and water; wear layers and sunscreen.

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Food for Thought: A Call Back to Duty

Dr. Nikolaj Wolfson, a San Francisco trauma surgeon, found himself on the Gaza border treating Israeli soldiers wounded in Operation Protective Edge as a volunteer medical officer in the IDF medical corps. Emigrating from Belarus as a teenager in the 1970's, Dr. Wolfson graduated from the school of medicine at Tel Aviv University and served in the Israel Defense Forces for 4 years. Although he left Israel in 1986 for the US, he felt the Gaza war was his turn to serve again by giving medical aid to the IDF soldiers. Come hear about military operations in difficult and dangerous places, and learn about the experience of many IDF soldiers who fight to ensure that Israel is safe and will be there for all Jews. Registration suggested.

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Food for Thought: Carl Jung's "collective unconscious"

It's been 100 years since Jung published his work on the collective unconscious, often described as encompassing the soul of humanity at large, and archetypes. You've heard these words used in many discussions about psychology. Come hear how his theories have been used, explained and criticized. Joe Gurkoff is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in career counseling, executive coaching and caregiver counseling. He has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from USF.

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Food for Thought: Collaboration Between Artists and Composer

David Garner, composer-in-residence for the Jewish Music and Poetry Project, has recently completed a commission to write four song-cycles for the ensemble, using poetry by four different Holocaust-era woman poets. The musicians of the JMPP and Garner will discuss the ins and outs of commissioning and collaborating new works, including: the joys, pitfalls, and caveats of writing for specific artists and of commissioning a composer; how artists and composers choose a poet, then which poems to set, and some of the stumbling blocks; how artists choose a composer to work with and vice versa. The open conversation will include live music samples.

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Food For Thought: Dance Dreams

There's an old saying that to truly understand someone you must walk a mile in their shoes, but what about dancing in them? Fulbright Alumni and Choreographer Casey Lee Thorne will examine dance as activism and social justice in Israel and Palestine. Registration suggested.

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Food For Thought: Erik Erikson Examining the Stages of Life

Erikson's stage theory characterizes an individual advancing through 8 stages of psychosocial development from infancy to late adulthood. How every individual advances through each stage of life, from toilet training to parenthood, affects their behavior and life view. Joe Gurkoff is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in career counseling, executive coaching and caregiver counseling. He has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from USF. Registration suggested.

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Food For Thought: Jew Who?

PJCC 2016 Scholar-in-Residence Rabbi Wayne Dosick, Ph.D. asks 'Who are we?' Jews in America have joined the great 'melting pot' and have happily pursued the 'American dream.' We've reached the highest levels of American society; we comfortably walk the halls of academia, finance, and government. So: Are we American Jews? Jewish Americans? Are we at home, or still wandering in exile? Engage in an exploration of the contemporary dynamic tension between exile and return; chosen-ness and choosing; tradition and renewal. Advance registration required.

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Food For Thought: Low Interest Rates Got You Down

Retired people and conservative investors are struggling with how to navigate the financial world now that income returns are so low. Bring your questions and learn more about the choices available to investors with Robert Simon of Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc.
Robert, Senior Vice President of Investments at Stifel, has 24 years of investment experience to create portfolios designed for principal preservation and income. Registration suggested.

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Food for Thought: The Forest Feast

A New York Food Photographer Moves to the Woods

Erin Gleeson has worked as a food photographer for cookbooks, magazines, and restaurants in New York City, and taught photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Upon moving to a cabin in the woods in California, she wrote her first beautifully illustrated and photographed New York Times best-seller 'The Forest Feast,' a cookbook with healthy recipe ideas that anyone can make. Registration suggested.

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Food for Thought: WWII Looted Art and Post War Restitution

Shir Kochavi will describe the process of art confiscations in Germany and the occupied countries from 1937 until the discovery of mass collections by the Allied forces at the end of the war. Shir will share her experience as a Provenance Researcher for the restitution of Holocaust victims' assets and bring examples of works of art that have been central in restitution cases such as the Kirchner painting 'Berlin Street Scene' and the Klimt painting 'Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer' which was the subject of the recent movie The Lady in Gold. Registration suggested.

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Happier Hour

Enjoy some fabulous food and drink and mingle with friends, old and new.

Exclusively for Center Members and their guest, 21 years old and over. Childcare is available but limited. Call to reserve a spot at 650.378.2703. Earn an easy 150 JCC Rewards points just for pre-registering and attending. RSVP today!

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Jewish Book Discussion

Join other readers for a lively discussion of Jewish themed books on loan from the Jewish Community Library's Book Club in a Box. Facilitator Jim Van Buskirk, coordinator of Book Club in a Box, leads a lively and intelligent discussion each month. Registration suggested.

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Learn to Play Bridge in a Day

Whether you are a total beginner or returning to bridge, this is the perfect place to start in this 5 hour class. Come with a friend or make new ones! See why bridge is the world's most popular card game. Material fee is included as is a light mid-afternoon snack. Instructor: Carol Knowles is an experienced ACBL certified teacher and Life Master who loves sharing her passion for bridge and has taught the game for many years. Pre-registration required by Jan 4, 2016.

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Living Healthy Workshop

This 6-week workshop provides tools for living a healthy life. Weekly sessions offer practical techniques and support for your health and well-being. The classes provide the latest information and strategies for making healthy choices regarding nutrition (including mindfulness and food labels), physical activity, management of stress and pain, improving memory and preventing memory loss, boosting self-confidence and working effectively with healthcare providers. This workshop is offered in partnership with Sequoia Healthcare District as a free community service. Registration required.

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Mah Jongg Class for Beginners

This four session class for beginners teaches the basics of American style Mah Jongg. Basics to strategy will be covered. Fee includes current Mah Jongg. Pre-registration required. Attendance at first meeting is mandatory for this popular class. Space is limited. Call Rhonda Press at 650.378.2717 with questions. Instructor: Lisa Bernstein is an experienced and enthusiastic Mah Jongg teacher and player who will share her love of the game.

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Makeup Tutorial: Getting the Perfect Look

Learn makeup tips with step by step instructions on applying makeup. This informative and hands-on class is great for beginners or experts who want a refresher on skin care and makeup application. Each participant will take home new skills along with some makeup goodies! Participants should bring their own makeup (primer, foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara) as well as their brushes. Registration required. Instructor: Maya Ismaiel. Maya is a licensed cosmetologist and practicing makeup artist for special occasions, weddings, TV shows and celebrities.

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Photography for All of Us

Interested in photography as a hobby or already an experienced enthusiast? Join members of the Peninsula Camera Club as they introduce you to their passion for photography using slide presentations and discussions of their work. Guaranteed to inspire you to take more interesting and imaginative photographs. Free and open to anyone interested in capturing better images with whatever device they use. Registration suggested.

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Take A Breath: An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is one of the most natural and rewarding of all human activities. It is an effective technique for stress reduction. It brings balance, rest and a growing inner peace, and contributes to physical, emotional and mental well- being. Meditation can also give us direct, intuitive experience of higher realities. Drawing on the experience of mindfulness and on insights of the Jewish spiritual path, we will give ourselves the gift of wellness through meditation.

This class is open to all, Jews and non-Jews alike, and includes simple and basic instructions in the practice of meditation.

Rabbi Lavey Derby has practiced meditation for over twenty years and has been teaching meditation for the past ten years.

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The Best in Cinema: Monday at the Movies

Avoid the crowds at the theater and catch a variety of rare, thought-provoking films here at the PJCC!

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