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30, Sivan 5777

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If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the Welcome Center or Email

You can also consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Todah Rabah (thank you)!

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Renovations Updates | PJCC

PJCC Renovations

Byer Athletic Center Renovations

We are pleased to announce exciting new changes at the PJCC!
We've invested significantly in renovations to add value to your membership and provide you with the quality amenities you deserve.

Now Available For You:

New Additional Family Locker Room Now Open!

New Second Family Locker Room

We are pleased to make the much-anticipated announcement that our second Family Locker Room is now open and ready for use! With the addition of Family Locker Room B you will enjoy:

  • Five additional private shower suites
  • An upgraded ADA accessible restroom
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Tile flooring throughout
  • Additional hair dryers

Todah Rabah (thank you) for your patience during construction—we promise, you'll find the wait was worth it!

Remodeled Men's and Women's Locker Room Facilities

  • Sparkling new showers featuring upgraded:
    • Solid floor-to-ceiling walls with individual drains
    • Heavy, tempered-glass shower doors
    • New shower heads now on side walls
  • New doors for steam rooms and saunas
  • Attractive new decorator tile flooring, mirrors, and ceramic undermount sinks
  • Enhanced LED lighting, including individual décor lighting on mirrors between sinks
  • Efficient, environmental low-flow toilets
  • Additional new sink in restroom area
  • Improved locations for towel storage and towel drops
  • Convenient “easy access” locker room entries

Plus, new private nursing/changing area for women and an additional row of lockers for men.

Have questions about these updates? You can consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

New J.Care Space

This airy new J.Care, located in the Koret Hallway (next to the Pilates studio), boasts an improved layout and a new outdoor playground.

Enhanced Spa Waiting Area

For the comfort of our spa guests, a new door and wall creates a private space for you while you wait for your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shower floors are slippery. Do you plan to put mats?
For both the Men's and Women's Locker Rooms, mats have been placed along the shower walkway. Mats are on order for the sink areas and the locker bay walkways and will be placed as soon as they arrive.

Will you put more towel bins in the women’s locker room?
We are exploring options for additional towel bins. Currently, towel bins are located on the walkways conveniently near the exits of each locker room.  Please be considerate and drop towels off when leaving.

Where is the shaving cream that used to be in the showers?
Due to Members' concerns regarding hair and shaving cream debris left behind in shower stalls, we have discontinued offering shaving cream in individual showers.  You will find shaving cream containers located at the sink area.

Why is there less seating in the men’s and women’s sauna?
The sauna is designed to meet new ADA requirements for clearance.  As a result, this required a redesign of the space which resulted in less seating.

Why does the grout in the shower area look moldy?
The grout is cleaned regularly and is not moldy. When it gets wet it simply turns a darker color. As it dries it returns to its normal color.

The water does not drain well in the shower area. What are you doing about it?
We are aware of this issue and our construction crew is currently assessing options to improve drainage. Additional work may be done at a later time.

Why aren’t there more benches in certain areas?
We are currently assessing the need for additional seating. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Where are the bag holders for wet clothes?
Bag holders are on backorder and we expect to install them by January 15, 2017. You will find them near the swimsuit dryers in each locker room.

Where are the towel hooks that used to be near the sauna/steam room doors?
Towel hooks will be reinstalled by January 31, 2017.  Thank you for your patience.

The shower heads seem lower than the previous ones. Is this correct?
Shower head installation meets current building guidelines for average height.  They are at a similar height to previous shower heads.

The pressure of the water bottle filler (near the sinks) is too strong.
These are commercial grade fillers that are intended to fill water bottles only. Please do not use the filler to fill the small plastic cups.  These cups are intended for mouthwash only.

Where are the remote controls for the locker room TVs?
We have never provided remotes for these TVs.  Each TV has a single control button on the bottom side and we encourage our members to watch the channels they prefer (with or without volume).  Push once to navigate menus, and hold the button in to cycle through the menu.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please visit the Welcome Center or Email

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